I like to let people know what I do on my Platform with Trunited.  I am and energy

drink person.  And Trunited has an Energy Drink that I really like.  So I order 2 case's

of Vengo.  (which is an energy drink) And it give me 50 points on the Trunited Platform.

  Now I also have Ken who also uses and like the Vengo products, so he also

purchases 2 cases of Vengo.  Now because I introduced him to trunited I get 50 more

points which now means I have 100 points.  (Now Just for an Example)  If that was all

I did, say for this month and the company was paying .22 cent per point.  Then I would

earn $22.00.  I am sure that you can see that this whole concept continues to grow as

your team grows.  You may also realize that if you had 100 people in your group doing

the same thing, your earnings would go up.  What I love about this company is that they

go down 15 levels deep.  I believe if you do the math it will surprise you.  But the most

important thing you could do would be to decide what this could do for you.  And This

is only One Example.

Achiever Bob


My Moto is:  Don't Count the Days.  Make The Days Count.  When Opportunity comes to you.  It means nothing.  If You Don't take that First Step.